Colors of microphones do not always mean everything, but like I said, you can at least make a guess at what kind of microphones those are. Kris, Luhan and Tao leaving EXO actually turned out good in the longrun. But, they were wrong. Well, I want to talk about details about k-pop idols' live performance on the stage. The former members have remained in the limelight, however, and fans may be happy to hear that they have not given up on their dreams. All 12 current and former EXO members are still under SM, their contracts expiring in 2022.It's a given Kris, Luhan, and Tao will leave given the lawsuits from 2014-2018. This includes their first studio album "XOXO" and its repackaged album "Growl," "Miracles in December," "Overdose," and his final album with the group, "EXOLOGY CHAPTER 1: THE LOST PLANET.". 20 years? Tao also revealed that he often speaks to Luhan, another former member of EXO who is also currently in a lawsuit with SM Entertainment, but he hasnt spoken to Kris yet and in concerned that Kris wont forgive him. It is the "popcorn price" that is killing cinema in multiplexes, says Tollywood director Teja, Mohanlal's Ram release date locked, to clash with Dulquer Salmaan's movie [details], Met Gala 2023: Alia Bhatt-Blackpink's Jennie to make debut; When and how to livestream, theme and more, Sandalwood: Kannada superstar Shiva Rajkumar's daughter makes debut as film producer, It is the popcorn price that is killing cinema in multiplexes, says Tollywood director Teja, Dil Raju's comments on Shaakunthalam's result shocks Samantha's fans, Pune cops shut down AR Rahman's concert midway at sharp 10 PM [Details], Hollywood: Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson celebrate 35 years of marital bliss, August 5, 2019 action liberated West Pakistani refugees from worst-ever slavery [details]. The single album contains two songs: "Young King Young Boss" and Young King Young Boss (feat. Kris and Tao had patched up and had rekindled their relationship. No updates were given concerning court dates and final sentencing. As the last Chinese member of South Korean record label SM Entertainment's popular boy band EXO, Lay opened up about his ex-teammates Kris, Luhan and Tao. Besides his music career, Luhan has also acted in several dramas and films, including "The Witness," "Time Raiders," "Shanghai Fortress," "Sweet Combat," "Sisyphus," and more. But their friendshiplooks like it has weathered the test of time. However, they would not be promoting with the group. You were amazing in Back to 20! Ive never seen any idols told to the fans to study and have a good result if the fans wanna meet them. The three of them are finally close again. He was also a cast member of the Chinese version of "Running Man" called "Keep Running" from 2015 to 2018. The idol-actor was formally arrested on August 16, 2021, on suspicion of rape. Currently, Kris Wu is in prison. Kris Wu. From Teens to Stars: Where is EXO Sehun's Close Friend Da Eun Now After Drifting Apart Cause of Jealous Fans? Copyright 2023 Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. He claimed that the company had disregarded his health and maintained unfair profit distributions. Tao left in messy, drawn-out way and my feeling is that even his closest friends in the group don't talk to him anymore. My heart is always here.". Luhan's last musical release was the single "Slow Ride." Kris will be appearing alongside Vin Diesel, Samuel L. Jackson. Since leaving the group, Luhan, Tao, and Kris decided to focus on their solo careers in China and have made quite a name for themselves. Kriss film career also took off quickly as he debuted in the 2015 film Somewhere Only We Knowand has since starred in 9 other movies. But gradually, when netizens found out Kai hung out with Krystal during his break time for recovering his injury, he received many criticisms. He is currentlypursuing a solo career in China. Zitao has also acted in the television showA Chinese Odyssey: Love You A Million Yearsand is starring in the upcoming drama,The Negotiator. His fans criticized SM for arranging too tight schedules which their idols body couldnt adapt, but heartbreaking incidents like this still happen frequently, Memories about Kris, Luhan and Tao are what make EXO-Ls, especially those fans who have been following the group since their debut, sad the most. Former EXO members Luhan, Tao, and Kris left a huge hole in EXO-Ls' hearts when they left the popular idol group. The idol released the song to celebrate his tenth debut anniversary to thank his fans. If the ex-members were still a part of the group, all these posts would have been brought up and wouldn't have looked good. They stayed in the car for a while when suddenly, Luhan opened the door and got out of the car. Finally, when the group just reached the top with Growl, we had to witness this heartbreaking disunion, More especially, when Kris left right before the groups concert, their fans clearly saw the internal disagreement of EXO when remaining members unfollowed him on SNS one by one. Luhan, Tao, and Krismay have left EXO, but the success that they met with in their solo careers is truly impressive. There was a time when Kai didnt show up at an EXOs concert because his injury was too serious and prevented him from performing. THIS Former K-pop Idol is Now University Professor! Some of them have openly posted things mentioning other country governments and officials. Sandara Park's Goddess-like Beauty Takes Internet By Storm After Changing Hairstyle! Copyright 2023 Added them to EXO-K? In October, that same year, Luhan filed a lawsuit against the company to terminate his contract. They encouraged one another: Everything will be fine, we just need to try our best. I'm so proud of the two of you.". Do you miss these former EXO members? This person really gave facts! And he finally left the agency, while another Chinese EXO member Luhan also filed a lawsuit against SM in the year. Now, because of their heartwarming words, I live unlike I used to live before. The amazing news that all three of them have become close even sparked a trending topic on Weibo! He and Kris Wu were trying to convince him to take this flight. In fact, he was so afraid of flying that he missed two flights out of China! The original plan was to take off on January 9th and when we failed, our first reaction was that we probably couldnt make this trip.. He has also released a number of EPs and a studio album under the name Z.Tao. Kris Wu, Luhan and Tao reminisced about their lives as trainees in Korea, waiting to debut in EXO. Having a strong fandom supporting and believing in them, theres nothing to be surprised at when EXO can reach the top, becoming one of the most famous K-pop boygroups in the past 10 years. And after the group became very popular in China, not a few Chines agencies approached the Chinese members with exceptionally good offers because from the point of the view of Chinese agencies, working with them should be a highly profitable business. Where are the Former EXO Members Now? Cookie Notice Am I not promoting in China right now? Tao also opened up about the reason why he left EXO, describing how when he was injured, he was pushed to keep fulfilling his schedule and encouraged to keep going and rest later. Especially, Tao made his fans disappointed because he used to promise that he wouldnt leave EXO and begged them to believe him. 5 years is not a long time, but EXO faced a lot of difficulties and received many criticisms from netizensGoing on a long journey, EXO has currently become one of the walls that are hard to be broken in Kbiz history. Here me out on this, I do not have anything against the members. Lu Han (formerly known as Luhan) left EXO in 2014 and went on to work on his solo career. But their schedules are unchangeable and EXO is at the peak of its career, so they cant ignore the groups activities just to live for themselves. Kris: "Has all . Even if i cant attend their concert. The 23-year-old singer revealed that he is happy to see them as successful and hopes the best for them, but not interested in following their footsteps. In July 2021, the former EXO member was accused of sexually assaulting multiple women, some minors, while they were intoxicated. Kris, Luhan and Tao are Chinese, and of course theyre proficient in Chinese, which means they dont have any problems with being active in the Chinese entertainment world. For more K-pop news, follow and subscribe to KpopStarz. That the news was too surprising and netizens keep deducing the couples love hints made their fans hurt. December 24th, 2016. Now THATs success! I love Daesang Award Harvester. Does any of the remaining EXO members have contact with Kris, Luhan and Tao? By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Dont mis understand me, I just wanted to say that instead of hurting them, hurt us instead because they already undergo too much pain PLEASE! They were ironized and seriously criticized for lack of talents. I think they even went to Luhans home.. Now he regrets his action and would support Kris if he could do it over again. Luhan is all set to launch his first solo digital album "Reloaded" on 14 September and has joined the Chinese version of popular reality show "Running Man" as a regular cast member. I support them in different way that i can. In July 2021, the former EXO member was accused of sexually assaulting multiple women, some minors, while they were intoxicated. He is currentlypursuing a solo career in China. That 3 members left the group within a short time seriously affected EXO's fandom and even the group members had to go through a difficult period of time He had to prepare for it psychologically for a long time. For more K-Pop news, follow and subscribe to KpopStarz. First an article about Tao now this, why are y'all attacking EXO-Ls like this lol?? In March 2015, Tao took a hiatus from EXO activities due to health problems. I still follow their activities after they left, this is based on something I personally noticed. Luhan was also a mentor for the survival shows "Hot Blood Dance Crew" and "Produce Camp.". Luhan, Tao, and Kris may have left EXO, but the success that they met with in their solo careers is truly impressive. (luhan still follows baekhyun, chanyeol, lay and sehun til this day, exo's manager and shim jaewon . People would have been too used to the k and m subunits by then. It was revealed that the two had gone around to Luhans house and tried to calm him down and convince him to take the third flight. About MR, AR, LMR and LAR: Do Kpop Idols Really Sing Live? Luhan: "I missed you all - and now that I'm back, you're all going to start eating and sleeping, like actual people do.". A place to ask your K-Pop questions. To every fan, theres nothing worse than seeing their idols suffering physical pains and they cant do anything for them. Tao was also asked about the pictures and clips of him pushing EXO member Baekhyun during a concert. But what about the korean members in EXO-M? In 2022, he starred in the drama "Legally Romance." The song not only received support from EXO-L but also from . May 16, 2014 5 Comments. Same as Kai, Lays fans used to have a heart attack when he showed up on a wheelchair at the airport because he couldnt walk by himself. Aug 10, 2015. by G. Jeong. I only remember Tao mentioning EXO when someone mistook him for a member from another group, but I don . Now lets think of this hypothetical scenario where EXO-M is still active with all the og members. About 10? The amount of work and effort that Zitao is putting into his career in China shows that he is determined to accomplish his dreams no matter what obstacles he may face. From a group that was call a failure and a waste of investment of SM, EXO set their first record, coming closer to the title top Kpop idol. That 3 members left the group within a short time seriously affected EXOs fandom and even the group members had to go through a difficult period of time. Those are the basic microphones offered by the broadcasting company. Controversy Arises After NewJeans Haerin Selected as Dior Global Ambassador, BIGBANG Taeyang Unveils Inspiration For Album 'Down to Earth' + Dishes Adjustment on Music Industry, BLACKPINK Ros Shares Thoughts on Group's Coachella-Headlining Feat: 'This has been a longtime dream', Steal BLACKPINK Jennie's Showstopping Style: Ultimate Guide to Dressing Like the K-pop Fashion Icon, NMIXX Sullyoon Fashion: Y2K Styles Worth Copping to Dress Like Idol, SNSD Taeyeon, TWICE Nayeon, NewJeans Hyein Transcend K-pop Generations in Alluring Pictorial. Interactions between two of the former members, let alone all three, is incredibly rare. Luhan was also a mentor for the survival shows "Hot Blood Dance Crew" and "Produce Camp." Currently, he is the brand ambassador for Gucci in China. Heres what youve been waiting for! I dunno when could i leave this fandom. The political views of the ex-members. The song not only received support from EXO-L but also from no other than Z.Tao (another former EXO member). Then THAAD happens, china bans hallyu. However, I will go my own path. and our To be honest, I used to feel that I wanted to leave EXO-L and joined Army because people kept talking and praising BTS while EXO was being criticized and being treated like they were no longer they used to be. EXO would dominate award shows, amass millions of fans, and win the 2013 Song of . In an interview last year I believe the EXO members say regarding the contract expiration that regardless of what happens, they'll still be close, which does imply that there are current members who are talking about leaving . Since October 2017, Luhan is in a relationship with actress Guan Xiaotong. On top of that, I left when I was 17 years old and came back now, and I am still a Chinese person. Since leaving EXO in 2015, Huang Zitao(known only as Tao for EXO) has worked on his music career and has acted in such films as You are my Sunshineand Railroad Tigers. member's mark 75in delmar fireplace console, celebrities born on tuesday, python script to compare two database tables,